Modern/Contemporary Small Garden, Swindon, Wiltshire

Contemporary Small Garden Design In Swindon, Wiltshire By Jill Blackwood Garden Design

Took all my random ideas and made sense of them. Garden turned out much better than my high expectations. I now have a wonderful outdoor space. Thank you Jill and the team, with a special, thanks to Steve. Tracey Powell Contemporary small garden design.

Tracey required a low maintenance modern/contemporary garden to relax and entertain friends.  The design uses dark natural slate paving with rich hardwood contemporary trellis and decking to provide some interesting contrast and give a modern contemporary feel to the space.  The off white painted walls  and the stainless steel helped to lighten the feel of the garden.   The trellis provided a feeling of enclosure and privacy and was staggered at the top of the garden to disguise the shared access and give space to hide a small garden shed for storage.   The trellis also added to the modern look.  The corner sofa and coffee table provide ample room to relax and enjoy the garden.  The planting is low maintenance with a mix of blues and purples to give interest all year round.  The planting, once mature, will help to soften the the hard landscaping.  A contemporary steel water feature provided the relaxing sound of flowing water to the space.

Garden Design Cirencester, Gloucestershire

Garden Design Cirencester, Gloucestershire By Jill Blackwood Garden Design.

Delighted with Jill’s design for our garden. Listened to our input and delivered a stunning design which the builders turned into a quality piece of work.  David Wallis

Mr and Mrs Wallis required a modern/contemporary courtyard garden design that would provide them with a garden they could relax in and enjoy, with a feeling of enclosure and calm.  The design uses smooth natural sandstone to blend with the client’s Cotswold stone house.  The tones of golden flint gravel to provide texture and a subtle contrast.   The raised planters were smooth rendered and painted a light cream shade to blend with the lighter tones in the sandstone paving and flint gravel.  The colours of the landscaping materials were chosen to bring a feeling of unity and calmness to the space.  A mix of evergreen plants such as Phormium, Palms, Fatzia and Heuchera provide colour, texture and structure all year round and add a touch of the Mediterranean.  Grasses were added for additional texture giving a softer feel to the planting.  Perennials like Hellebore, Salvia and Geraniums were chosen to add warmth and a touch of colour and interest in different seasons, particularly through the summer months.  Garden Design Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

Modern Garden Design Old Town, Swindon, Wiltshire

Modern Garden Design Swindon, Wiltshire

The clients were a young couple who wanted a modern garden design for their courtyard garden that reflected their contemporary tastes, their modern home and provided a private, enclosed space for entertaining family and friends,  The garden was surrounded with contemporary slatted trellis stained in a rich, warm colour to provide privacy and and enclosed comforting feel to the space.  The paving used was a light grey porcelain laid in a simple pattern to give a hard wearing modern feel to the garden.  Raised beds painted a warm cream and topped with grey coping provided low maintenance planters filled with colourful planting to provide interest throughout the seasons.  Space was provided for a relaxing lounge area with a corner sofa, a cooking area for barbeques and also for a large dinning table.  The spaces were defined with raised beds and planting whilst allowing easy movement between each area.

Jill designed our back garden, which was on the small side and needed a clever design to make it look bigger. Jill did an absolutely amazing job of the design, using lots of creative design ideas to make the most of the space. She made it look huge!! Jill came up with ideas that we would never have considered and is really inspiring in the way they she approaches the design. Everyone that visits us can’t believe that it’s the same space. It was such a huge transformation and would never have been possible without her. I can’t recommend Jill enough… we have her back to design the front garden next as we are so pleased!  Lisa Clapham – Modern Garden Design Swindon, Wiltshire


Small Town Garden Design Marlborough, Wiltshire

Small Garden Design Marlborough by Jill Blackwood

Small Garden Design Marlborough – The client requested a design that encompassed her front and back gardens bringing an overall unity to the space around her house.  The rear garden was designed with a circular theme.  In the middle there was a circular lawn around which a gravel path led to seating areas allowing the garden to be enjoyed wherever the sun was in the day.  A small patio surrounded by raised planters gave a spot for a small table and chairs and the arbour seat made a lovely sheltered spot to sit and read.  An tiny area at the side of the house was the ideal spot for a circular patio over which a pergola sat planted with climbing plants.  A path along the house led to the front where a central circular plant bed formed an attractive focal point.  This was surrounded by traditional country style Viennese planters containing buxus balls.  A low wall and borders on two sides gave a sense of enclosure to the front garden.  Buff coloured sandstone was used throughout to bring unity to the gardens and to contrast with the brick on the house.  The planting mixed a variety of textures for interest and pastel flowers for a calming, relaxing feel.

Small Garden Design

Cottage Garden Design Swindon, Wiltshire

Cottage Garden Design Swindon, Wiltshire 

The clients had just purchased a new build property and wanted  private, tranquil cottage style garden to relax in and enjoy that would also attract and nurture wildlife.  The design focused on providing privacy from the surrounding properties and a sense of enclosure so the clients could enjoy their garden in privacy.  Soft curves allowed plenty of room for luxuriant planting, a good size family patio and a lawn with a cobble pathway leading to a sheltered secluded seating area under a pergola.  A flowing bird bath water feature provided the gentle sound and movement of water.  The brick walls of the garden and house were softened with planting and the use of the soft tones of natural sandstone helped to tone down the dominance of the brick.  The bright colour palette of the planting was designed to provide colour and interest throughout the year with a mix of flowering perennials and evergreens.  The flowing water and flowers also quickly attracted insects and birds to the garden providing not only a haven for the clients but also for wildlife.

From the client……Jill was a pleasure to work with to achieve our garden design for a new build property.  From the onset Jill took the time to understand what we liked and didn’t like in garden layout, colours and plants.  Jill was very knowledgeable and gave us confidence in her ability to design something that would suit our lifestyle.  We had a series of meetings which resulted in a beautiful drawing of the garden design and a comprehensive index of plants.  Jill also came back approximately 12 months after the garden was completed to advise on plant aftercare.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Jill and the team she works with.  Suzanne, cottage garden design Swindon, Wiltshire.

Modern Garden Design Wroughton, Swindon, Wiltshire

Modern Garden Design

The clients wanted a contemporary or modern garden design with low maintenance planting.  We chose light grey sandstone paving with off white rendered walling to bring a contemporary, modern and fresh look to the space.  Height and screening was added with the arch and small tree to add some privacy.  A simple step stone path led through the lawn to a decked area behind the garage, making good use of an awkward space. The planting was architectural with plenty of colour in the leaves for interest all year long.  The relaxing sound of water was added with a simple slate monolith water feature.

Modern Garden Design testimonial – Emma and I would like to formally thank you for the excellent garden you have designed, built, and finessed for us. The design process was exceptionally thorough and you listened carefully to our likes and dislikes, making sure that the final design incorporated both the lifestyle and visual components we were looking for. In terms of the build, Steve and Wayne were excellent! Not only are [they] genuine and friendly individuals, but the standard of workmanship has been first class. Please pass on our thanks to both of them. Finally seeing the whole garden coming together with the planting, turf and water feature was a joy. Emma and I are both astounded by the transformation of both our front and back gardens in only four weeks. Everyone we have had visit has commented on just how good the garden looks and we have already started to sit outside to enjoy out Sunday morning newspapers. Not something we did when we just had boring old turf! So thank you again and if you ever need anyone to be a reference for high standard of yours, Steve’s or Wayne’s work then please do not hesitate to contact us.