By Jill Blackwood

 RHS Medal Award

Jill Blackwood has undertaken garden design projects of all sizes and scopes, producing bespoke, hand drawn garden designs.  Jill has worked on garden plans for the smallest town garden up to large country gardens with a range of budgets.

Jill also offers informative, detailed planting plans along with a planting service to fully complete your dream garden, ensuring colour and interest throughout the seasons.  Jill believes that  planting and how it interacts with the hard landscaping should be given considered from the very start of the design process to ensure the planting fits with the overall style of the garden.  Good planting design is essential to ensure unity and balance in the completed design.  Jill can also ensure that your garden meets with your maintenance requirements, whether you require a low maintenance garden or you’re an enthusiastic gardener.  In every garden, Jill aims to balance beauty and leisure with wildlife and the environment.

Whether you use Jill’s suggested builder, your builders or do the work yourself, a professional design will help give you a clear idea of what the garden will look like once completed and the costs involved.

Jill is available for advice throughout your design process and is happy to return to your completed garden to give further advice on aftercare for your plants.  This will help ensure your garden continues to flourish and mature.

Jill has an extensive portfolio of completed projects in a wide range of sizes, styles and budgets many recommendations from many delighted clients, Take a look through her portfolio and the reviews on the testimonial page.   Clients are assured of a professional service that will meet their individual requirements.

To arrange a design consultation, please contact Jill.

Garden Design Swindon, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Cotswolds, Cirencester, Marlborough, Faringdon, Fairford, Highworth, Lambourn.