Garden Design Purton, Wiltshire

 Garden Design Purton, Swindon, Wiltshire

The client’s wanted a modern garden design that fitted with a country setting.  They wanted plenty of colour and interest in the garden all year long so they could relax and enjoy their garden.  I visited the garden again nearly a decade later and it looked stunning.  The client’s had taken great care of the garden ensuring it continued to look good with plenty of interest. Garden Design Purton, Swindon, Wiltshire

Testimonial from client – Once again, so many thanks for doing such a terrific job with our garden. We are absolutely thrilled with all aspects of it – from the creative design to the planning and execution of all work, through to your advice and guidance all the way through the project. You interpreted our likes and dislikes so well, and there is nothing that we would want to change. I know that we were really fortunate having such stunning weather in April, but even so, it’s unusual for projects to come in a week earlier than scheduled.We really enjoyed working with you and all your team, and would be delighted to act as a reference point for your future prospective clients.

And ten year later…………

Jill designed and planted our garden over ten years ago. We were thrilled with it at the time, and we still are. We wanted a low maintenance garden which she delivered for us – it still looks amazing but with very little work required from us. We would highly recommend Jill. Alan & Trisha Wood