Modern/Contemporary Small Garden, Swindon, Wiltshire

Contemporary Small Garden Design In Swindon, Wiltshire By Jill Blackwood Garden Design

Took all my random ideas and made sense of them. Garden turned out much better than my high expectations. I now have a wonderful outdoor space. Thank you Jill and the team, with a special, thanks to Steve. Tracey Powell Contemporary small garden design.

Tracey required a low maintenance modern/contemporary garden to relax and entertain friends.  The design uses dark natural slate paving with rich hardwood contemporary trellis and decking to provide some interesting contrast and give a modern contemporary feel to the space.  The off white painted walls  and the stainless steel helped to lighten the feel of the garden.   The trellis provided a feeling of enclosure and privacy and was staggered at the top of the garden to disguise the shared access and give space to hide a small garden shed for storage.   The trellis also added to the modern look.  The corner sofa and coffee table provide ample room to relax and enjoy the garden.  The planting is low maintenance with a mix of blues and purples to give interest all year round.  The planting, once mature, will help to soften the the hard landscaping.  A contemporary steel water feature provided the relaxing sound of flowing water to the space.