Small Town Garden Design Marlborough, Wiltshire

Small Garden Design Marlborough by Jill Blackwood

Small Garden Design Marlborough – The client requested a design that encompassed her front and back gardens bringing an overall unity to the space around her house.  The rear garden was designed with a circular theme.  In the middle there was a circular lawn around which a gravel path led to seating areas allowing the garden to be enjoyed wherever the sun was in the day.  A small patio surrounded by raised planters gave a spot for a small table and chairs and the arbour seat made a lovely sheltered spot to sit and read.  An tiny area at the side of the house was the ideal spot for a circular patio over which a pergola sat planted with climbing plants.  A path along the house led to the front where a central circular plant bed formed an attractive focal point.  This was surrounded by traditional country style Viennese planters containing buxus balls.  A low wall and borders on two sides gave a sense of enclosure to the front garden.  Buff coloured sandstone was used throughout to bring unity to the gardens and to contrast with the brick on the house.  The planting mixed a variety of textures for interest and pastel flowers for a calming, relaxing feel.

Small Garden Design