Garden Design Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Garden Design Malmesbury, Wiltshire – Isabelle and Mario asked for a Mediterranean garden design that reflected their home country.  The garden was designed to blend informal Mediterranean style with a relaxed country garden providing a space that combined the best of both styles.   Textured natural sandstone for the paving and edging combined with golden flint gravel to give subtle colour tone and subtle variety of texture to the space.   A simple bubbling water feature adds a focal point, movement and sound along with providing water for birds and other wildlife.  The planting combines a gravel garden planted with Phormium’s, grasses, Hebe’s and Lavender with a central Olive tree with lush herbaceous borders.  the borders are punctuated with the structure of  Italian Cypress trees, surrounding a lawn with and area for wildlife at the top of the garden using a wildflower meadow and native trees.


Garden Design Malmesbury, Wiltshire – Testimonial

Hi Jill

As promised our testimonial…..

A big thank you to you Jill, Steve and the team.  What a wonderful change to our garden!  The design Jill came up with was amazing and we thought it would be difficult to achieve but we were proved wrong  by Steve and the team!  They worked in the blazing heat everyday and through the rain and were very professional and ready to listen to our views.  Now we have a garden which all our family and friends love and we look forward to the coming years to see it mature into the garden we always dreamed of!

Thank you Jill for your professionalism, insight and care you’ve taken in producing the design.

Isabelle and Mario


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