Modern Garden Design Old Town, Swindon, Wiltshire

Modern Garden Design Swindon, Wiltshire

The clients were a young couple who wanted a modern garden design for their courtyard garden that reflected their contemporary tastes, their modern home and provided a private, enclosed space for entertaining family and friends,  The garden was surrounded with contemporary slatted trellis stained in a rich, warm colour to provide privacy and and enclosed comforting feel to the space.  The paving used was a light grey porcelain laid in a simple pattern to give a hard wearing modern feel to the garden.  Raised beds painted a warm cream and topped with grey coping provided low maintenance planters filled with colourful planting to provide interest throughout the seasons.  Space was provided for a relaxing lounge area with a corner sofa, a cooking area for barbeques and also for a large dinning table.  The spaces were defined with raised beds and planting whilst allowing easy movement between each area.

Jill designed our back garden, which was on the small side and needed a clever design to make it look bigger. Jill did an absolutely amazing job of the design, using lots of creative design ideas to make the most of the space. She made it look huge!! Jill came up with ideas that we would never have considered and is really inspiring in the way they she approaches the design. Everyone that visits us can’t believe that it’s the same space. It was such a huge transformation and would never have been possible without her. I can’t recommend Jill enough… we have her back to design the front garden next as we are so pleased!  Lisa Clapham – Modern Garden Design Swindon, Wiltshire