Garden Design Shirvenham, Oxfordshire

Garden Design, Shrivenham, Oxfordshire

Garden Design Shrivenham, Oxfordshire Testimonial – ‘After having various ideas swirling around my head I contacted Jill who, with her expertise, was able to do a cohesive plan for my garden and fit in all the things I wanted.

She was very patient and knowledgeable about design and planting and it was great fun to sit with her and go through everything.

After the plan was finalised Steve and his team came to do the build, they were reliable and hard working, and a pleasure to have around.

I always get a “wow” when people see the garden, and I could not be happier.  I would thoroughly recommend Jill if you want a fantastic garden transformation!’

Teresa Crossen

As an avid gardener the client asked for a garden that was rustic, cottage style with a natural, wild feel that would be  a haven for wildlife.  Also a vegetable garden was added to the wish list.  Natural sandstone with varied colour and texture was used along with gravel areas and natural boulders to give a blended, relaxed, informal unity to the garden.  A roofed rustic garden shelter was constructed using green oak to give the client an informal seating area by the pond.   Rusty metal arches were added to provide focal points and accentuate views adding to the rustic feel.

In particular the existing pond was home to newts so the construction of the new pond would need to fit with the newts breeding  patterns.   The old pond was deconstructed once the newts had migrated and the new pond constructed in time for their return.  The newts embraced their new home and continue to live happily along with lots of other pond life.

The planting was a mix of perennials and grasses to give a cottagey, wild feel to the borders with a mix of evergreen and deciduous shrubs for structure.  A hedge surrounded the garden to allow ground dwelling wildlife to leave and enter  to benefit from the pond and insect life attracted by the plants.