April In The Garden By Jill Blackwood

Garden Tips For April

By Jill Blackwood

  • Weed growth will be speeding up, applying a thick layer of mulch on borders will help to stop perennial weeds growing – any stubborn weeds can be treated with an easy to apply weed killer like roundup, taking care not to spray nearby plants.  Regularly weeding borders will gradually reduce the amount of weeds that grow back each year.
  • Keep an eye out for slugs and snails as they will also be raring to go and can destroy emerging plants overnight.  Treat areas with wildlife and pet friendly slug pellets.
  • Spray roses with a suitable treatment for black spot and remove any leaves that look sickly.
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Garden Tips For February

It may still be cold and wet outside but cheer up winter’s shortest day is behind us and gradually the days are getting longer bringing enough daylight for the first signs of spring to emerge in the garden.  Snowdrops began to emerge in late January and Crocus are now giving a welcome carpet of colour in many gardens helping to lift our spirits.  Hellebore flowers stand above shiny dark green foliage and spring flowering shrubs like Chaenomeles (quince) begin to blossom.  Take a close look and many shrubs will have budded ready to burst into leaf, daffodils will be preparing to flower and early summer flowering perennials will soon be starting to push through the soil.

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Gardening in June

As midsummer has arrived the garden should be full of colour and interest.  Now most of the hard work of preparing the garden is done midsummer is the time to take full advantage of any good weather.  It’s really a matter of maintenance at this time of year.  Weeds will be growing quickly now so carry out some regular hoeing to prevent weed seedlings establishing and dig out larger weeds by hand.  Keeping weeds under control not only keeps the borders looking their best but it also prevents them from taking nutrients and water away from your plants.  Applying a thick layer of bark mulch on the border will help to smother weeds and retain moisture cutting down on maintenance.

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