April In The Garden By Jill Blackwood

Garden Tips For April

By Jill Blackwood

  • Weed growth will be speeding up, applying a thick layer of mulch on borders will help to stop perennial weeds growing – any stubborn weeds can be treated with an easy to apply weed killer like roundup, taking care not to spray nearby plants.  Regularly weeding borders will gradually reduce the amount of weeds that grow back each year.
  • Keep an eye out for slugs and snails as they will also be raring to go and can destroy emerging plants overnight.  Treat areas with wildlife and pet friendly slug pellets.
  • Spray roses with a suitable treatment for black spot and remove any leaves that look sickly.
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Only a few weeks left until Christmas and the festivities begin.  Just when visitors are likely to see your garden it will be at it most dull and uninteresting.  There are a number of ways to improve the view of your winter garden.  Trees and shrubs can be planted when the ground is not frozen.  Many trees come with interesting bark and will add height and drama to your garden.  Try Betula ut jaquemontii with its crisp white bark and Acer griseum with its peeling  bronze bark.

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